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The highest standards in the dental industry are followed at CITIDental Tremont. A number of patients take to Downtown Boston looking for an experienced, trusting professional dentist. CITIDental has an extensive, exceptional team that carry specialties in all aspects of the field. Some of the treatments employed at our practice include dentures, crowns, bridges, and tooth extraction.


Tooth loss is a troubling ordeal that concerns a number of patients. Dentures provide a versatile, affordable solution for patients of CITIDental Tremont. Standard ones are created from a set of upper and lower teeth. Partial dentures replace a limited amount of teeth but can secure better than most full dentures while being more accommodating for patients. Cosmetic dentures are produced from special acrylic base and designed to exhibit the appearance of your natural, original teeth.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns can help attach a bridge if there is inadequate surrounding teeth structure. A bridge is applied in the case of single or multiple missing teeth. They improve cosmetic features and restore proper occlusion. Some of the materials used to create them include porcelain and metals. Both of these treatments serve to replicate the natural color, height, and texture of your original teeth. They can last for a lifetime with good care and regular scheduled dental visits.

Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction may seem an uncomfortable thought to some, it is actually one of the most routine, non-stressful procedures in the field. When provided especially by an experienced dentist, it can be among the most comfortable. Teeth require extraction for a number of reasons, including tooth decay, infections, and the need for improved oral health. The procedure itself requires only a few minutes. After the tooth, gum, and bone have been numbed, the tooth is simply pressured out gradually instead of using surgical methods.

Teeth Whitening

A popular way for patients to improve the beauty of their smile is through professional teeth whitening. In-office treatments are available as a one-hour procedure at CITIDental Tremont using highly concentrated gels. Take-home trays also provide patients with the same results within an extended timeframe. Whether you deciding on in-office treatment or take-home trays, we recommend scheduling a consultation with us to be sure which treatment is right for you.

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