Tooth Extraction Boston

A tooth extraction may sound like a daunting proposition, but the treatment is more routine than its name implies. This procedure is performed by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon at our Boston practice and the recovery process is among the most comfortable.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

A teeth requires extraction for various reasons. This can be due to severe tooth decay, for preventing infections, and improving dental health. Impacted, malfunctioning, or crowding may also be reasons for a tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

The entire procedure will last only a few minutes. X-rays will have already been taken before the procedure. The tooth, gum, and bone will be anesthetized using a local numbing agent. Nitrous oxide is also available to manage anxiety during the procedure. The extraction itself will not produce any pain, but pressure. Tooth removal can be generally carried out with applied pressure instead of surgical procedures.

After an extraction has been performed, the extraction site must be cared for during the next few days. The gauze should be left on the extraction site for the first few hours. Medication may also be prescribed depending on the type of procedure performed. The gums will heal within weeks and the missing teeth can be replaced with a denture or dental implant.

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